Balloon Decor

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Party Balloons

A party can be transformed into a memorable day, or night with balloons. You can spend as little or as much as you like from a simply display to a more eye popping display. We can guide you through your choices, as some displays will depend on the venue.

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A simple 3 tier table decoration is the most common for parties, and is a cheap but effective way of transforming the venue. With 8 to 10 of these dotted around the venue it will soon look great, and these start at just £5.50 each. Arches and columns are a very effective way of creating a great display, and they don’t have to be expensive.


Wedding Balloons

When you decide you want to marry the partner of your choice you want everything to be perfect and we are here to make sure at the very least your balloon décor will be taken care of, taking another thing off of your mind. The most common wedding decoration is the cloud 9 which can either be displayed singley  or joined together in sets of 3 with tulle. They make the top table look great, of course there is nothing to stop you using them for any other occasion. Cloud 9 displays consist of 8 helium filled latex balloons, and are topped off with a Double Bubble balloon


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 Arches and Columns

Arches and columns can be used to enhance any display. Arches can be a fairly cheap way of making an impact at a party, wedding, function, or event. They are typically used over cake tables, buffet tables or entrances, but as with all balloon décor you the customer can choose to have them where you want. There are a range of different arches from a single arch of pearls, a double bubble arch, double arch, and a cluster arch.

Columns are a more expensive type of decoration but give a venue that wow factor as there are so many things you can add to a column to make them stand out. A great entrance piece making that statement and people will be talking about it for time to come.


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Featured Displays

Anything outside of the above catorgries we call featured displays. These are always the most expensive way of decorating a venue but can sometimes give the biggest wow. Over the years we have been asked to come up with some pretty weird displays but we always seem to manage it.

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